About us

BoatZilla is the smartest connection between boats and new owners.

BoatZilla offers private sellers, boat dealers and brokers a comprehensive and smart platform for trading boats online.

For consumers

  • From dreams, to desire, to research, to decision - BoatZilla makes the boating journey easier.

For private sellers, authorized boat dealers & brokers

  • From automated marketing to deal - BoatZilla makes the seller journey easier.

BoatZilla has over 90% prompted brand awareness with consumers, and attracts circa 100 thousand cross platform visits each month. 83% of these visits come through mobile devices.

How does this work?

At least once a week Eddy Lekens, the Chief Commercial Officer, speaks to a client. Together they come up with new solutions that are important for the seller and at the same time delivering value for the BoatZilla user.

Lekens explains:

"BoatZilla wants to be as native as possible to the user. We really want to be able to go to our user with the right boat at the right time."

In concrete terms, this means if someone is very clearly in the purchase phase of a boat and he or she is using BoatZilla at that moment, he or she receives a suitable offer based on the surfing behaviour on yachting websites and social media. Also in the form of different boats of the same type, length and price.

BoatZilla wants its platform to focus entirely on bringing supply and demand together better.

"We are good at that, we are not a specialist in banking or boat insurances. We really focus on the user who wants to make a good deal. We see BoatZilla as a facilitating party that removes barriers. We want to offer as much convenience as possible to those who buy and sell boats".

Our business

Our purpose is to lead the digitale future of the European boating marketplace. We aim to improve the process of bying and selling boats in Europe, by continually evolving our platform to provide a better experience for consumers, private sellers, brokers and yachtbuilders.

BoatZilla is a 100% digital business. Starting life as classified boating webiste named BoatFinder in 2012, we've grown and evolved alongside our customers. In 2019, we succesfully completed the new marketplace and became a fully marketing-automated boat marketplace, ready for maximizing boat and yacht sales.

Registred in Belgium (Company number: 460825125)

Registred address:
Nederlandlaan 35
2440 Geel
VAT number: BE0460 825 125