Best place to sell a sailboat online (fast)

Best place to sell a sailboat online (fast)

According to the Google Search Console, is the best marketplace to sell a sailboat or sailing yacht fast. Google Search Console is Google's web service that allows website owners to check the indexing status and optimize their visibility.

In the tables below you can see respectively the indexing status in Belgium and the Netherlands with the most popular searches in the last three months. BoatZilla scores many top positions in the organic search results with more than 1,000 searches around sailboat brands with suffix "for sale" or "for sale".

These top positions in Google are all rankings above the fold (without having to scroll down), making the click through rate (CTR) to the boat detail page very high.

Google Rankings in The Netherlands

BoatZilla Rankings in Nederland

Google Rankings in Belgium

BoatZilla ranking in België

The best marketplace to sell your sailboat or sailing yacht is according to Google Search Console.

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If you want to sell a sailboat or sailing yacht fast, do not hesitate to show it to thousands of potential buyers via BoatZilla.